How do I keep my data secure and compliant?

In the Age of Data, protection is a burning issue for everyone.

Show us an organisation that doesn’t worry about securing its critical business data, and we’ll show you an organisation that’s living in a fantasy world. Or 1922. While data protection is a universal challenge, the right way to handle security, back-up and recovery – and ensure your SLAs and compliance obligations are met – is always unique to your organisation. That’s because the right way depends on your current infrastructure, and your current and future needs. At Tectrade, we can help you understand your needs like never before – and then build the data protection solution to match. We have the experience and expertise needed to deliver:

  • Tailored implementations of proven, enterprise-class data protection technologies
  • On-premise, cloud and hybrid architectures for maximum security and efficiency
  • Powerful deduplication and data archiving for optimum use of storage resources

Managed services (AKA taking the burden of responsibility entirely off your shoulders)

Our solutions to solve this challenge

Data protection Storage solutions

Our expert's tips:

How should you secure your data? If someone tells you they can answer this without first getting to know your infrastructure – and your organisation’s current and future needs – be very suspicious indeed.

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