debenhamsHow Debenhams met growing DR Demands – Fast!

Debenhams is a leading international, multi-channel brand with a proud British heritage which trades from over 240 stores across 27 countries. 

In the UK, Debenhams has a top five market share in womenswear and menswear and a top ten share in childrenswear. It is a market leader in premium health and beauty.

The multinational retailer wanted to enhance its Disaster Recovery capabilities, and better safeguard its power to serve customers – both in-store & online.  Faced with increasing volumes of increasingly business-critical data, Debenhams wanted to boost its Disaster Recovery powers.

We helped the international retailer meet its immediate data challenges – like backing up 400TB of data in the best possible way – while laying a solid, secure foundation for the future.

As Phil Matthews, Debenhams DR Systems Manager explains:

“The most important thing to us? Thanks to Tectrade, we can now restore systems in the rapid timeframes we want.”


Debenhams was looking to:

  • Safeguard its sales and operations – with the power to restore business-critical data even faster in the event of a systems failure
  • Reduce storage costs and complexity – by optimising its storage systems


Debenhams chose Tectrade’s Helix Protect Enterprise Managed Service.

We installed new, replicated servers at Debenhams’ DR site, allowing for the direct restore of business-critical data in the kind of timeframes its business demands.

We also created a common windows environment for all Debenhams’ Spectrum Protect (TSM) backups, and introduced smarter tiering of storage resources – ensuring less critical data sits on less expensive storage media.

Even better for Debenhams, we’ve taken on the burden of managing the new solution environment.


  • New business continuity – with fast, proven disaster recovery of business critical data
  • A 99% backup success rate – roughly three percent higher than before we got involved
  • Smarter resource use – with data on the most cost-effective storage, and IT staff free to work on more valuable projects

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