Kier Limited


Kier Limited ensures total availability for key systems with a resilient IBM infrastructure from Tectrade

With a virtualised, twin-site storage infrastructure from Tectrade and IBM, Kier Limited has gained the capacity, scalability, reliability and performance it needed to manage rapid growth in its storage requirements for business-critical documentation.

Kier Limited is a leading construction services company, employing more than 9,000 people worldwide and generating annual revenues in excess of £2.4bn. The company specialises in commercial construction, civil engineering, building maintenance, property development and Private Finance Initiative projects.

Kierdoc is a document management system, based on an OpenText platform. With success came growth in data volumes, and the supporting storage area network (SAN) soon reached its capacity. Though Kier had several standalone storage systems as well as space available on different servers, these did not offer the resilience or performance required by Kierdoc.

“Tectrade has brought scalability and reliability to the storage for Kierdoc, and we have also gained a great IT partner offering strong support and clear documentation for the new processes.”
Neil Binnie, IT Infrastructure Manager

Positive response

Says Neil Binnie,“Tectrade’s consultative pre-sales approach distinguished them from the competition. As well as a direct reply to the ITT, Tectrade took the trouble to consider ‘what-if’ scenarios to discover what was possible. There was considerable pressure on costs, which led to multiple revisions and re-workings of technical ideas. Tectrade responded to the requests rapidly, and came up with positive, proactive solutions to help us get both good pricing and a great solution.”

Making storage space available

Kier is now considering migrating additional applications and data to the SAN, as well as using SVC to incorporate other Kier storage systems into the virtual storage pool. Now that these previously isolated storage resources can be managed centrally and shared flexibly with any business systems, Kier can maximise the benefits of past investment in storage and minimise the future requirements to add new physical capacity.

“Tectrade delivered almost a turn-key solution for our storage infrastructure,” concludes Neil Binnie. “In business terms, Tectrade has delivered on all Kier’s objectives and has helped us to reduce operational costs. The Tectrade service and support has been excellent, and Kierdoc is now fully ready for the future.”


With a planned upgrade due on its document management system, Kier needed to ensure that the storage infrastructure met the demands. With the safe storage of millions of business-critical documents at stake, it was essential to find a reliable, secure solution that would offer low operational costs and provide a scalable, flexible foundation for the future.


Tectrade proposed a twin-data- centre solution based on IBM storage technologies. The solution offers ultra-high resilience, excellent disaster recovery performance and long-term scalability. As part of the engagement, Tectrade helped Kier to build up internal expertise on the new hardware and software used for this key business system.


Robust, scalable data storage infrastructure has met Kier’s needs for its mission-critical document management application. Automated backup and data management provided by Tivoli Storage Manager contribute to lower administration charges. Advanced storage management using IBM SAN Volume Controller helps to reduce operational costs while offering increased performance.