Northampton College

Northampton CollegeHow Northampton College smartened up its systems – while simplifying management.

Northampton College wanted to expel its ageing hardware, storage bottlenecks, and replication troubles, and create a smarter IT infrastructure.

We helped the UK further education college do just that. As Richard Garbutt, Northampton College’s ICT Services Manager, kindly puts it:

 “Overall, this was the easiest, quickest and most successful of all the major projects undertaken by the college in recent years.”

The Challenge

Northampton College wanted to:

  • Boost IT availability and performance – ousting storage and disaster recovery issues, and ensuring college’s essential applications stay up, and data stays protected
  • Simplifying day-to-day admin and management – and freeing up its own IT resources

The Solution

We worked with Northampton College to refresh its IT infrastructure in the most intelligent way possible.

We installed new servers and IBM Storwize systems at Northampton’s production and DR sites – hooking them up with fibre channel networking. In this way, we were able to enhance the college’s existing virtual environment – and create a brand new one for data storage.

Before we finished, we took advantage of -compression and automated tiering to increase the college’s storage capacity.

The Benefits

  • New business continuity – with fast, proven disaster recovery of business critical data
  • A 99% backup success rate – roughly three percent higher than before we got involved
  • Smarter resource use – with data on the most cost-effective storage, and IT staff free to work on more valuable projects

Get the whole story

Want to know more? Read our full-length report to learn exactly what tech we used, and find out what the college had to say about our speed of installation, and quality of project planning. (Spoiler – it’s all good things.)