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University-of-Dundee-logo1How the University of Dundee’s been protecting data – with our help – for over a decade

Over the last ten years, The University of Dundee’s School of Life Sciences has seen data volumes grow and grow – as file sizes have soared, and data has become more central to ever more disciplines.
We know this, because we’re lucky enough to have been a part of its decade-long journey – working closely with the School, as its chosen advisor for backup and storage. As Chris Scott, University of Dundee’s Research Computing Manager explains:

“Tectrade are one of our most trusted suppliers and consultants. It’s been a very good relationship, and we hope it’ll continue for some time yet.”

The Challenge

Keeping these expanding volumes of data:

• Safe – for the long durations required in scientific research
• Accessible – to students over the course of their study, and to the global research community afterwards
• Efficiently – in an environment where physical space – and IT time – is precious

The solution

Throughout our relationship, we’ve worked to respond to the University’s changing needs, and guide its backup and storage strategy.

That’s meant designing bespoke backup and storage solutions, and undertaking hardware and software upgrades. But it’s also meant helping the University find new ways (like logical libraries, virtual I/O and real-time compression) to get every drop of value from existing investments.

The benefits

  • Ever smarter backup and storage – because we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to optimise the university’s set-up
  • Cost and space savings – thanks to real-time compression alone, the University has doubled the amount of data it can store in the same space
  • Less time spent on backup in-house – freeing IT staff to put their talents to use in more valuable ways

Get the whole story

Want to know more? Read our full-length report to learn how we helped the University take greater advantage of tape, as well as Chris Scott’s verdict on our project management skills.