High Performance Data Protection & Recovery

Tectrade provide disk and network-based data protection strategies for clients with large volumes of data (often comprising millions of small files) wishing to mitigate both risk & management overhead and address the challenges of protecting and securing data at scale, specifically in the context of both time and infrastructure constraints.

We have customers backing up 40TB of changed data in 3-4 hours which can dovetail into our Helix managed service. The service allows you to maximise your time working on adding value to the business rather than worrying about backups. Our underwritten, guaranteed 99% SLA success rate gives our managed service customers assurance that their data is in the safest of hands and can be applied to several different backup products including offerings from IBM, EMC and mid-market backup products.

dsmISI Suite

The dsmISI suite is Tectrade’s premier product set to tackle the challenges of backing up large file and object stores such as EMC Isilon or NetApp filers backing up via NDMP.  In these types of environments the major challenge faced when backing up incrementally is latency – MAGS and dsmISI run many incrementals in parallel, dramatically improving both backup and restore performance.

dsmISI MAGS 250x333 dsmISI Storage 250x333dsmISI Veeam 250x333

dsmISI Database 250x333GSCC TSM HA 250x333Sayonara 250x333-coming-soon


As the first EMC/Isilon partner worldwide, Concat AG has designed a concept which uses dsmISI and Isilon OneFS as a storage pool for IBM Spectrum Protect, (formerly; TSM). For this concept Concat Technology Partner General Storage has developed the dsmISI Suite of software solutions. While drastically simplifying storage pool management, dsmISI and OneFS also revolutionize the utilization of TSM in terms of capacity and performance.  Tectrade are the official UK partner for Concat AG.

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