Helix Cloud Backup

Helix cloud backup is a single data protection solution for all your requirements, regardless of where the data is housed. From BYOD through to cloud based applications the data can be protected and transferred offsite to be encrypted & stored in the Tectrade vaults.

Powered By Asigra Logo h=266 w=350Helix Cloud Backup provides the following key benefits:

  • Pay-as-you-go charges based on volume of data stored
  • Provide an offsite vault ensuring two copies of the backup data exists
  • Centralisation of all the protected business information
  • Quick, simple, reliable recovery
  • Agentless architecture reducing complexity
  • Enabling data protection and recovery with as little human involvement as possible
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 certified encryption in transit and at rest is HIPAA HITECH and SOX compliant

Solution models

Helix Cloud Backup

  • No data kept locally
  • Data backed up to our primary vault and replicated to secondary vault

Helix Cloud Backup – Rapid Recovery Model

  • As above with the ability to keep up to 30 versions (generations) of data locally.
  • Tectrade can provide and be responsible for an “appliance” onsite that will backup the data, store for 30 generations and transfer a copy to the vaults in the cloud

Helix Cloud Backup – Hybrid Model

  • In some larger organisations it may be preferable to have a complete data vault onsite, and a replication copy in the cloud
  • In this option a copy of every generation of all data will be available onsite