Helix Protect

The easy way to protect your data.

Your data is one of your organisation’s most precious assets, but as it grows in volume, keeping it safe can become a heavy burden. Very few skilled technologists come to work thinking “Yes! I get to manage backup today!” And neither should they, because their skills can be much more productively deployed on projects that will take the organisation forward. But data still has to be protected, and in these days of mushrooming data volumes and ever-tightening regulation, more data has to be protected for longer. The good news is that the cloud makes protecting your data easier and more cost-effective.

Cloud-based backup – designed for the enterprise

Helix Protect from Tectrade is unique in its class: a cloud-based data backup service that’s designed purely for the needs of complex, highly-regulated enterprises. Combining the performance and security of IBM data protection software with Tectrade’s expertise in enterprise data management, Helix Protect lets you out-task data backup in a secure, compliant and flexible way.

Flexible, compliant architecture and fully managed service

We’ll design a backup architecture and strategy that harnesses all the benefits of the cloud (on-demand resources, pay-as-you-go pricing, frees up your on-premise infrastructure) while maintaining full compliance with industry regulations and your own data management policies. And once it’s in place, we can take on full responsibility for managing your backups, so your team can spend more time working on the things that will make a difference.


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