A single portal for all your queries.

Tectrade’s online support community is a state-of-the-art social platform that gets you expert answers to your queries, fast.

Available free of charge to all Tectrade customers who register for it, the portal is organised into nine areas:

Chatter: Log a query or support issue and it’s instantly ‘swarmed’ across the whole Tectrade organisation. The right expert can see it and pick it up straight away, and you can then chat with that person about your issue and follow up with them for updates.

Assets: Track the status and configuration of the servers and virtual machines that Tectrade is managing for you, along with any current or historical support cases relating to that asset.

Cases: Once you have an open case, you can ‘follow’ it on our platform, which preserves a full record of your conversations with our support engineers and the actions they’ve taken to resolve it. You can contact specific people for updates by using a Twitter-like ‘@’ symbol to send them a message.

Maintenance Contracts: Access and view your maintenance contracts with Tectrade at any time.

Helix Compute: Order new virtual machines for your Tectrade cloud infrastructure at any time, and we’ll provision them for you in minutes. You don’t even need a credit card!

Data Protection Self-Service Reports: View status logs for all your backups and other data protection activities, to see at a glance how well your data protection is performing.

Ideas: Tell us about any ideas you have for how we could improve our services.

Knowledge Articles: Browse our knowledge base for articles about how to solve known issues and problems, rate other people’s articles, and create your own.

Forum: Chat to Tectrade support engineers and other Tectrade customers in the support forum – it’s a great way of crowdsourcing answers and suggestions in response to your questions.

Projects: Get full access to current and historical data about the projects we’re working on with you, right down to the daily work logs of your onsite Tectrade team.

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