Data protection

Your organisation breathes data.

Without data, your organisation couldn’t survive. And the way you store, manage and protect that data can make the difference between a bad business, a good business and a truly great business.

As the amount and variety of data your organisation needs grows, so does the challenge of keeping it protected, secure and available.

Fail to meet this challenge, and your whole business is put at risk, from your everyday operations to your SLAs and regulatory obligations – in short, effective back-up and recovery systems are essential.

How Tectrade can help

Tectrade can help take the effort out of data protection, until it’s as simple and natural as breathing. We can help you find the right software, storage, backup, high availability and data recovery solutions, and show you how to keep your growing volumes of data secure without even trying.

Or we can take on the responsibility entirely. Our managed backup services take your data protection worries away, and enable IT teams to give their full attention to supporting, enhancing and transforming your organisation.

Why Tectrade?

Why us? We’ve been doing data protection since the turn of the century, and we’re relentless in finding the solution that’s right for you. Tectrade offers:

  • The strongest combination of experience and skills
  • Solutions based on proven, enterprise-class technology
  • Onsite, private cloud, and managed services
  • An obsession with delivering measurable results

And with teams in Europe, the US and Australia, we can deliver projects and managed services on a truly global scale.

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See how we helped the Natural History Museum enhance and simplify their data protection.

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Our expert's tips:

How should you secure your data? If someone tells you they can answer this without first getting to know your infrastructure – and your organisation’s current and future needs – be very suspicious indeed.

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