Enterprise data protection

Proven protection for your data assets.

To protect enterprise data effectively and efficiently, it takes powerful, proven technologies.

Tivoli Storage Manager

For the last 20 years, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) has been one of the smartest data protection tools around. It offers unique, enterprise-class scalability, intelligent detection of virtual environments, and great space and cost efficiencies – if you know what you’re doing with it.

And we do. We know TSM inside out.

For supremely simple, rock-solid backup, we deliver TSM as a managed service. If you would prefer to run TSM in house, we can provide the software, hardware and skills you need, creating an architecture bespoke to your business, with the security of cost-per-terabyte licensing.

Data Archiving/Long-Term Archiving

Cost-effective data protection means treating different kinds of data differently – and keeping everything in the most appropriate place.

If you need an advanced or specialist archiving solution, we can help. We can also help you set your archiving policies – ensuring, for example, that old or unaccessed data is automatically moved from fast, expensive disk, to a cheaper medium.

Data Deduplication

Deduplication. In the quest for efficiency, it’s a powerful ally – letting you fully exploit the possibilities of disk-based backup.

Tectrade has the expertise to help you master dedupe, and get the most from powerful data deduplication solutions like IBM ProtecTIER.

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