Storage solutions

Your data is hugely valuable. But it doesn’t have to be so expensive.

If storage is proving a real drain on your finances, or you can’t understand why you keep running out of space, the chances are you could be doing something better. We’ll find out what that something is, and make it happen.

The right data, in the right place

As your data storage requirements grow, achieving high performance at an affordable cost per terabyte becomes ever more important. You need to be able to see that:

  • your data is in the most appropriate place, based on its importance to your business
  • you’re getting full value from your hardware, without compromising performance or availability

How Tectrade can help

Tectrade can help you achieve all this, and gain a new mastery of your data storage. We won’t simply suggest you buy more storage, or a particular type of storage. We’ll sit down with you, and work out what’s really going on with the data in your organisation. We’ll help you understand your current and future investments and needs. We’ll explore consolidation and virtualisation options, and how to drive efficiency up, and cost per terabyte down. And then we’ll deliver it.

Why Tectrade?

As an IBM business partner, the hardware and software we use is the quality you would expect. (Think enterprise-class availability and scalability). Our experience is also pretty deep. For example, IBM’s System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) software – a key virtualisation tool – has helped thousands of clients across the world, for over a decade. Tectrade was involved with SVC from the earliest days of its deployment – we’ve been working with it longer than anyone. In fact, we’ve worked alongside beta clients with all of IBM’s storage technologies, right from the start.

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Our expert's tips:

Right now, too many organisations are just throwing money at their current, inefficient, aging platforms. Buying more disk might help in the very short term, but it’s only going to exacerbate the problem going forward.

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