Compression, Deduplication, Virtualisation

When it comes to storage solutions, one size never fits all. At Tectrade, we work with organisations to meet their own, individual storage challenges and needs.

Here are just a few of the ways in which we help.


Want to get the most out of your hardware? The lowest cost per terabyte? The greatest efficiency, with higher system utilization?

Using the unique capabilities of IBM Real-time Compression™, Tectrade can squash your data – and your data centre energy bill – down to a fraction of its original size, with no compromise on performance.


Virtualisation lets you make better use of the resources you have. It enables consolidation, boosts utilisation, and generally saves you space, time and money.

And it’s an area in which Tectrade has unique skills and experience. We’ve been working with IBM’s leading storage virtualisation tools, including its System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC), for over ten years – i.e. since the very, very start.

We can help you take advantage of virtualisation the way that makes most sense for your organisation, based on your long and short term business needs and goals.


When you can see quickly and easily where your data is, and how it’s protected, you can move ahead with speed and confidence – and a real understanding of risk.

We’re experts at giving organisations new visibility into their storage environment.

With a solution tailored to you, we can help you gain visibility, simplify management, enhance reporting, and increase efficiency – by, for example, letting you see when data is on the wrong storage tier, and where it should really be instead.

We deliver all this through:

  • Our enterprise-class SAN reporting, monitoring and alerting services
  • IBM’s Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre
  • Tailor-made, managed backup services

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