Tectrade awarded a place on G-Cloud 10 Framework

Tectrade awarded a place on G-Cloud 10 Framework

Tectrade is very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a place on the UK Government G-Cloud 10 Framework as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier. G-Cloud streamlines procurement for the public-sector, allowing organisations to quickly embrace digital transformation. G-Cloud is a UK Government framework which enables public sector organisations to purchase cloud-based services. Now in its 10th iteration, suppliers can also apply to sell security services including those under the National Cyber Security Centre NCSC schemes. Having successfully secured a place on G-Cloud 10, Tectrade have been recognised to offer the highest levels of security and support to our clients.

G-Cloud is a must-have tool for the public-sector, offering a selection of pre-approved suppliers, with services and products which have been created with the public sector in mind. Tectrade has been highly involved in assisting public sector organisations for over 25 years, and our wealth of experience in supporting these clients with their data challenges places us among the top data protection and storage partners in the U.K. Moreover, Tectrade’s ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certifications confirm that our service quality and security management meet any organization’s needs. Tectrade’s position as a Government pre-approved cloud service provider allows our public-sector client base to stretch from Local Councils and Colleges to Universities, Government Institutions, and NHS Trusts. Just some of these include The University of Dundee and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.

With all this experience, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Tectrade will be able to design and implement a data protection or storage solution which is right for your business requirements. Furthermore, Tectrade’s position within the marketplace is completely vendor agnostic. Instead of aligning to just one vendor, we utilise the best of all our partner’s portfolios to design and implement a cloud solution which is expertly tailored for each individual use case.

With the G-Cloud’s newly crafted search function, organizations can better filter suppliers, allowing specific business requirements to be better met. Tectrade’s services are now visible within the digital marketplace, and include the following:

– Tectrade's Cloud Backup Service:


– Tectrade's Zero Day Recovery:


– Helix Enterprise - Tectrade's Fully Managed Backup and Recovery Service:


Link to our G-Cloud 10 listings: https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/search?q=tectrade