Tectrade – Fighting Fire with Fire with Zero-Day Recovery

Tectrade – Fighting Fire with Fire with Zero-Day Recovery

For any given organisation, data is the fuel that keeps your business going, without which you cannot operate. Protecting this data should therefore be the priority of any business. However, what happens when all defences fail?  Alex Fagioli, CEO of Tectrade makes one suggestion.  

Zero-day cyberattacks are considered one of the biggest threats to organisations today. This is because they use exploits that aren’t commonly known and therefore are almost impossible to detect and therefore defeat. They have been known to be able to bypass even the most sophisticated cyberdefence systems, making them the number one enemy of organisations across the globe. The relatively unsophisticated WannaCry malware that took hold across much of the NHS caused the cancellation of thousands of life-saving operations and medical appointments, affecting a total of 81 hospitals across the UK. This is a prime example of how cyberattacks not only ruin businesses but actually have the potential to put lives in serious danger and can mean the difference between life and death.

With the risk of cyber and ransomware attacks on organisations increasing, we believe the missing piece of the security puzzle today is zero-day recovery – the last line of defence against ransomware attacks. 

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