Zero-day recovery: the key to mitigating the ransomware threat

Zero-day recovery: the key to mitigating the ransomware threat

Tectrade CEO, Alex Fagioli is featured in Computer FRAUD & SECURITY, discussing how Zero-day recovery is the key to mitigating threats from ransomware.

“The sheer pace at which businesses operate today, coupled with a crippling industry skills shortage, means these teams are typically under huge pressure to drive digital transformation. But that inevitably creates security gaps”. “

Today it’s not a case of if but when your organisation comes under attack. By putting in some time now, you can create a genuinely effective last line of defence to complement those more traditional security tools. This is what a zero-day recovery architecture offers.

With zero-day recovery in place, you’ll be able to restore applications quickly and easily from the recovery vault in line with policy – within minutes if necessary. That’s peace of mind for any data-centric organisation worried about the threat posed by ransomware: from healthcare and finance to the retail and manufacturing sectors. 

Security breaches are inevitable, whether they stem from a zero-day exploit or even an unpatched vulnerability. That means recovery can be a key differentiator for organisations. Zero-day recovery provides the methodology to plug in a solid last line of defence to complement traditional security.

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