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Recover from IT failures fast with Faster Disaster Recovery

Tectrade offers the full suite of components of disaster recovery including continuous data protection, offsite backups and a disaster recovery plan that a business can access in an emergency. We also work with organisations to test their infrastructure, workloads, and all associated components of their applications to ensure that should systems go offline they are able to recover quickly.

Our disaster recovery as a service potentially costs businesses nothing, it just uses their existing IT investment more efficiently by defining policies and outcomes to provide faster recovery times for their most critical applications.

Our service provides businesses with a sense of security, minimizing the risk of delays, guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems, providing a standard for testing the plan, minimizing decision-making during a disaster, reducing potential legal liabilities and lowering unnecessarily stressful work environments.

Businesses don’t have to risk going out of business should their IT fail – Fast Disaster Recovery as a service from Tectrade enables IT operations to continue no matter what.

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We can do this for 4 simple reasons:

  • We work with class-leading and proven technology vendors; building on your existing infrastructure to solve this difficult problem

  • We can offer a unique combination of consulting, hardware, software and managed services and active research on new solutions

  • We use innovative design and delivery models for scalability, performance, agility, automation, security and affordability

  • We have a proven track record and are confident we can bring your business back to an operational state fast

Recover from disaster

Are you prepared in case disaster strikes?  Have you tested your recovery plans?

Request your disaster recovery maturity assessment and we will provide you with a report on your current data protection and recovery maturity, including providing you with a strategic roadmap of improvements such as pre-restoring data to give near instantaneous recovery of systems and utilizing cloud storage.

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