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cloud-based disaster recovery for ibm power

Continuous availability of healthcare applications is a prerequisite for the delivery of clinical services.

Healthcare organizations can be severely impacted by application, hardware or data center outages.

The potential impact on patients underlines the need for a strategy that ensures high availability and mitigates the risk of disaster.

Our client depends on core clinical applications on IBM Power Systems running the IBM i operating system.

While the hospital is committed to providing 24/7 services, it is also following an IT strategy to shift Capex investment to Opex costs.


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HA and DR ranked #2 IT concern for IBM i users in HelpSystems Marketplace Survey 2022

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IBM i survey responders using software-based replication for high availability

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Almost a quarter of companies are running IBM i workloads in the cloud, according to results



Our client has a disaster recovery contract with a third party hosting provider although the hospital owns the equipment used to establish the DR environment.

In line with its strategy to move away from Capex investment, the hospital wants to evaluate cloud-based ‘as-a-service’ offerings which would provide disaster recovery without the need to invest in its own infrastructure.

To improve business continuity, the developer of the healthcare applications also recommends the use of a second location as a target for real-time replication of the hospital’s clinical data.

Our client also needs to remove the operational burden currently on its in-house IT staff.


Tectrade presented the hospital with the advantages of migrating to a cloud-based high availability and DRaaS solution that would improve availability based on an Opex model.

The Tectrade PowerCloud provides a target LPAR with 4.5 TB of storage and uses Assure MIMIX HA to deliver real-time replication between the production and DR systems.

To implement the new DRaaS solution, Tectrade migrated the current DR LPAR to PowerCloud infrastructure via a full system save provided by the hospital on LTO tape.

Tectrade also provides a 24×7 service desk as well as a suite of monitoring and managed services to identify and resolve any incidents or changes.


We have to strike a balance between the reality of delivering clinical applications around the clock, and running a cost-effective IT operation. Tectrade’s disaster recovery services help to meet both objectives.

IT Director – Healthcare Provider


Tectrade’s PowerCloud solution relieved our client from the need to have any assets on its books and any costs associated with system maintenance.

All DR costs are now wrapped into a single monthly fee.

Tectrade’s DRaaS offering is a complete recovery environment in the cloud, enabling rapid failover and recovery.

Tectrade also runs annual DR tests allowing seven days of 100% failover per LPAR.

By protecting against IT disasters, Tectrade’s HA- and DRaaS not only helps to build a safer, more secure business for the hospital, it also drives down management costs.


About our client


Our client, based in the US, is a premier provider of behavioural healthcare for patients and their families. Treatment is based on a combination of medical and therapeutic care as well as patient education.