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As mission-critical as it is to ensure AIX workloads are performant, this process can also quickly become time-consuming, exhausting a business’ key IT resources.

Whether budget restraints, resource scarcity, or skill shortages, these businesses are all often facing a similar challenge: how do you administer transformative AIX workload support around the clock?




IBM Power10 server

Decades of AIX Support, Under One Roof.

Tectrade’s IBM AIX Cloud Services are designed to overcome mundane challenges, enabling a greater focus on creating meaningful business transformation. For decades, Tectrade has delivered critical support to ensure AIX workloads remain optimal, running on IBM Power Systems.

An IBM Platinum Business Partner, our accredited and certified specialists go beyond a ‘safe pair of hand’s, and work with regulated industries to provide premium IBM AIX support for platforms, whether that’s:

  • on-premises
  • hosted in a data center
  • or in the PowerCloud

AIX on Cloud Overview 

Why Run AIX on IBM Power?

When you need secure and adaptable infrastructure, AIX on IBM Power Systems can support with game-changing capabilities, ensuring that modern enterprises can meet changing demands.

AIX on Power can unlock and leverage performance, reliability and security capabilities that have become key in enterprises working with strict data requirements.

Tectrade IBM AIX Cloud Service Offerings

AIX for Enterprise.

This solution level provides monitoring and management of an AIX environment.

Our experts will manage all event alerts and determine the right course of action to ensure your business-critical applications remain available, protecting end-user productivity. Monitoring thresholds also allows us to act proactively to maintain service levels.


Core AIX Support. 

Tectrade’s “Core” support for AIX provides monitoring of an AIX environment only. We will notify you of all event alerts enabling you to determine the next steps for your business.

Getting the best from AIX Cloud Services: 

  • Monitoring all components that can impact system stability
  • Reacting quickly to alerts through a 24/7 service desk and proven service management processes
  • Confirming that operating system and firmware are maintained at correct versions
  • Ensuring that backups complete successfully – or escalating failures
  • Providing a disaster recovery or high availability environment


Optimize Availability and Performance of AIX workloads on IBM Power Systems.

Entrusting your critical AIX workloads with Tectrade’s specialists can ensure that your service is optimized to improve availability and performance when running AIX on IBM Power.

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Partner with an IBM-Endorsed Solution Provider.

Tectrade is a trusted provider of Cloud and Managed Services solutions for IBM as well as data center operators, technology distributors, and IBM Business Partners that make up our partner channel.

We have many decades of experience supporting all versions of IBM i, from AS/400 to the latest IBM Power Systems, including AIX and Linux on Power. That experience is why we are the exclusive white-label provider of DRaaS for IBM’s North American customers.

Benefits of AIX on Cloud.

Expand your IT infrastructure and leverage the benefits of new and emerging workloads. 


Security - AIX on cloud

Leading Security Capability.

Known for its security focus, AIX enjoys a widely regarded reputation for providing workloads with the right layers of protection. This includes Trusted AIX and Trusted Execution, which tighten, regulate and harden security settings and protocols to maintain security posture and integrity.


Uptime - a benefit of AIX on cloud.

Game-changing Uptime.

IBM Power Systems have long been aligned with a strong reputation for reliability. But what does that mean in minutes? AIX 7.2 workloads experience the lowest percent of unscheduled annual server downtime, according to IBM.

You can even take advantage of powerful features within UNIX OS, including AIX Live Update, enabling the deployment of new AIX OS layers without restarting the system.

Applications Benefits of AIX.

An Investment in Applications.

For 40 years, AIX OS has been innovating, releasing a roadmap that helps navigate new features and build on this exciting history of digital change. Increasingly important, AIX has a focus on binary compatibility to enable applications to remain unchanged (and without recompilation) even when they’re run on the latest releases.


We can help.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading away from legacy tech, unsure about change, or want to understand how an investment in IBM Power can benefit your business, we can help. Speak with one of our experts today to find out how to unlock more from IBM Power across your organization.

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