Advanced Data Storage with Dell.

Digital transformation is driving organizations toward more data-centric business models and storage systems have to adapt accordingly – providing high performance, flexible scalability and availability while remaining cost-effective.

To cater to increasing customer needs to choose from both capital expenditure (capex) and operational expenditure (opex) consumption models, Dell Technologies provides both outright purchase and subscription-based pricing models across its entire portfolio.

Cutting-Edge Storage Technologies. 

Dell Technologies’ storage portfolio includes comprehensive IT infrastructure offerings that organizations are looking for:

  • proven, mature, and high-performance solutions
  • a strong reputation for good customer experience
  • responsive and high-quality tech support
  • deep cross product integration
  • the availability of multiple consumption models value


Optimize performance to achieve new levels of growth.


Harness cost efficiencies that deliver competitive advantage.


Deliver innovative experiences and value at speed and scale.


Keep your data and your reputation safe from harm.

The Gold Standard of Data Storage.

As a Dell Technologies business partner, we have many years of experience in designing, deployment and management of technology across Dell’s portfolio ranging from hyper-converged infrastructure through to the data protection suite and vast array of storage solutions.

Your data storage requirements are only ever going to grow and achieving high performance at an affordable cost while reducing risk is your key objective. To do this you need to understand your data storage needs ensuring that you use the most appropriate place to store your data, whether that be for compliance or regulatory reasons or to run your business more efficiently.

Tectrade’s Dell storage services include:

  • Helix Protect managed services for backup and recovery
  • All-flash storage solutions
  • Air-gapped and immutable cyber vault solutions
  • Flexible pay-as-you-use storage


Let’s talk storage.

Security doesn’t have to be compromised for a high-performance storage solution. Your business can have the best of it all – premium, scalable storage that aligns to your business’ data growth. If you want to have a different conversation about storage, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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What Makes Dell Different from Other Vendors?

IDC’s Business Value of Storage Solutions report found that existing Dell Technologies’ customers identified five aspects of the vendor that, in their view, differentiates it from the competition.

The 5 Drivers of Dell

  1. proven, mature, and high-performance solutions
  2.  strong reputation for delivering a positive customer experience
  3. responsive and high-quality tech support
  4. deep cross-product integration that heightened the value of IT infrastructure solutions
  5. the availability of multiple consumption models (both capital and operating expenditure oriented)

The Dell Storage Experience

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Faster to deploy new storage, according to IDC’s research.

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Less unplanned downtime, studies have concluded.

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The projected ROI after three-years for a storage plan, experts have suggested.

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Reduced costs, associated with running and operating Dell storage,

Tectrade Delivers Dell Solutions

Market-leading Recovery Solutions.

Cyber Recovery Vault protects and isolates your critical business data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats.

Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence.

  • Operational air gap with data isolation and immutability
  • CyberSense analytics and Machine Learning monitor data integrity
  • Accelerate cyber and ransomware attack data recovery

DELL Technologies APEX

APEX delivers a breakthrough portfolio of as-a-Service offerings that simplify digital transformation while increasing IT agility and control.

APEX makes it easier than ever to leverage Dell Technologies innovation when and where you want it, while easing or eliminating infrastructure management. APEX helps you react quickly to capture new opportunities and ensures that your technology stays aligned with your business requirements.

And with APEX, you’re always in full control, minimising risk and maximising performance. APEX removes unwanted complexity – and its related inefficiencies and costs – to help you streamline IT operations, ease digital transformation, and yield better business outcomes.

Learn more about Dell technolgoies in this APEX video.

We’re here to Help.

Speak with one of our experts today to find out how to get effective data storage for your business data growth. Compliance, security and high performance solutions are within reach for businesses across different industries with exacting regulations – our experts will get you there. Get in touch and we’ll support your data storage needs.

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