Modernize legacy applications to migrate to the cloud.

Not all applications are cloud-ready and can simply be “lifted and shifted” in their current state. Many need modernization of their platform infrastructure and internal architecture. By moving away from monolithic, on-premises applications it’s possible to break apps down into micro-services or utilize containers to bring them into a cloud architecture.

The good news is, modernized applications enable faster delivery of new features and can benefit from all the advantages of the cloud. By re-platforming applications on modernized hybrid multicloud platforms, you get improved scale and performance.

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Partnering with the Leaders in Modernization Services

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Key Components of Application Modernization.

Typical Challenges. 

Cost and complexity are the main two challenges businesses face when modernizing apps. The cost of making changes to the code base or infrastructure need to be weighed carefully with the expected return on investment. In some instances it may be better to create a new app from scratch, as some applications that could benefit from refactoring or re-platforming, can be so tightly coupled to existing infrastructure that any advantages are outweighed by the cost and complexity of the migration project.

Unlock Apps with Containerization. 

A microservices architecture provides greater flexibility as application components are smaller, loosely coupled, and can be deployed and scaled independently of one another. Once the apps are broken down into microservices, they can be placed in containers which enable the applications to be efficiently packaged to run consistently across both cloud and on-premises environments.

Automate IT Operations. 

To avoid losing control of costs, modernized cloud environments need to be managed to ensure peak performance. You don’t want to be paying for unused capacity or wasted data centre energy. Equally, if critical applications are under-resourced they won’t perform well enough to satisfy client demand. You need to rapidly scale computing resources up and down to meet ever-changing, and unpredictable demand.

Businesses need to know when apps are performing poorly before end user customers feel the impact. If you can work out the root cause and do something to fix the issue, and increase performance, your customers will be happy and keep using the app. Without automation this is a daunting task.

Application Monitoring and Management










AI Meets Cloud. 

IBM’s Turbonomic is an Application Resource Management (ARM) tool that continuously and dynamically resources applications to assure performance and governance across any application hosting environment. It goes as far as making recommendations to resolve the issue and automatically taking action.

Turbonomic analyses information to generate safe actions that continuously maintain or even improve application performance; meaning remediation can be taken automatically without intervention.

It helps organizations to prepare for the future and actively control their cost, and carbon footprints – from the emergence of FinOps to the switch towards more sustainable computing and business practices.

Improved Observability. 

IBM’s Instana is an Application Performance Management (APM) tool that extends monitoring by helping you understand why the problem has occurred.

With checks every second, Instana continuously and automatically discovers, maps, and monitors all hosts and applications, whether they are running on bare metal, virtual machines, or within containers.

Tectrade’s Approach to Application Modernization

The Road to Application Modernization.

Every organization is unique. For this reason we take a neutral approach to the technologies that enable modernization.

First, we start with your business and understand your challenges and pain points.

Through our consultative approach, we’ll help advise and guide you on the journey to digital transformation, application modernization and IT automation – at a pace that suits your business.

Discover our approach and how our expertise can get you ahead.

If you’re interested in talking about your challenges, and finding out how Tectrade can help reach your goals, get in touch with one of our experts today.

We’re here to Help.

If you are thinking of alleviating the burden on your IT team resources by automating a balance between application performance, cost and compliance – all while improving customer experience and business outcomes – we can help.

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