Managed Cyber Security Services.

It’s no longer a matter that every business has time to plan for an eventual cyber attack. Only a few years ago, a breach was a probable scenario, likely to target an organization seemingly at random. Nowadays, however, cyber security experts across the globe caution every business – at every scale, across different industries – that an attack will happen. 

The risk landscape can create anxiety, pressuring more businesses than ever to understand the state of their IT and the role that people, processes, and technologies play in creating comprehensive protection.

Tectrade expands your tools and gives businesses the confidence to win more security battles over assailants. We achieve through a focus on risk reduction, which is delivered through our portfolio of Advisory, Professional and Managed Cyber Security services.

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We Are Committed to Your Security.

Cyber security is #1 on the US business agenda right now. This includes greater cyber hygiene in the workplace and beyond, keeping your business defence robust.  

Our commitment to our clients is that our highly skilled Security Operation Center (SOC) Analysts will be free from distraction so they can focus their time and energy on finding indications of threat or compromise (IOT/IOC).

Cyber Security Services Provider

What Makes Tectrade’s Cyber Security Services Different?

Tectrade brings together expertise, insights, and market leading technologies to ensure your cyber resilience remains its best.

Our Approach to Security.

First and foremost, Tectrade focusses on removing the role of risk in your IT environment. Years of experience with regulated industries means that we’ve crafted a robust methodology capable of ensuring businesses have peace of mind about their cyber posture without feeling restricted.

Every security conversation we have with a business has a clear focus on achieving security outcomes and goals. Within this service, we cover strategy, compliance with industry frameworks, and we will even lead your organization’s information security with clarity and confidence.

Cyber Security Services Include: 

  1. Advisory support, including effective security controls
  2. Risk assessments
  3. Strategic input from our experts
  4. Game-changing security best practice
  5. Highly compliant solutions that align with governance

Expanded Security Coverage.

Our Managed Security Services are 24×7 and controlled from the Security Operations Center (SOC). 

  • Managed detection & response (MDR)
  • Endpoint protection
  • Advanced web filtering
  • Pen-testing
  • Phishing prevention

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Tectrade provide Phishing Defence services

The Ransomware Challenge  

Let’s Talk Zero Day Recovery.

Zero day cyber attacks are almost impossible to detect and defeat as they use exploits that are previously unknown. This threat is increasing and Zero Day Recovery from Tectrade is the best option available to get business systems and data back to operational – fast.

Zero Day Recovery potentially costs businesses nothing, it just uses their existing IT investment more efficiently by defining policies and bridging the gap between their cyber teams and their IT teams to provide faster recovery times for their most critical applications.

Once a cyber security team advises there has been an attack and files are encrypted; Tectrade’s Zero Day Recovery service will kick in to recover critical systems to a clean state as fast as their policy defines. The cyber team/vendor works in partnership with Tectrade to determine what was the last clean version of the data so a restore point can be set and then the clean data is recovered. Once a vulnerability has been fixed there is then also the ability to roll forward in time to recover what was unclean as required to ensure no critical files are lost. Zero Day Recovery backups are designed to be immutable so would not be affected by the attack.

Businesses don’t have to pay the ransom or risk going out of business should the worse happen – Zero Day Recovery from Tectrade is their last line of defence.




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