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The Cloud is quickly becoming a key, desirable destination for many growing US businesses. Cost-effective, secure and flexible cloud environments are attracting enterprises from across many growing industries, from manufacturing to retail, pharmaceuticals and beyond.

The rewarding business value in cloud platforms like Azure is why it’s predicted, according to McKinsey Digital, that 60% of enterprise environments will be cloud-based by 2025.

Where businesses like yours are migrating workloads to the cloud at scale, a Cloud Service Provider (or CSP) like Tectrade specializes in designing, modernizing, and managing these platforms to ensure your investments deliver value. With 40+ years of technical IT experience, our cloud engineers are experts in secure, compliant cloud management for highly regulated industries.

Are Managed Cloud Services Right for Your Business?

McKinsey Digital identified cloud technologies as “one of the largest value enablers” in modern business. This would partly explain the rapid cloud adoption rates across the US.

Without a meaningful cloud migration or modernization strategy, a business would lose not only its competitive edge, but also the rewarding cost efficiencies, enhanced security and foundations to adopt true business agility the cloud is known for.

Challengingly, it’s not always obvious how an organization should manage its cloud infrastructure.

Whether you need to simplify cloud utility, strengthen your security, or even innovate with artificial intelligence, a CSP and Managed Cloud Service Provider like Tectrade can help.


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What our Cloud Managed Services Include

We have proven processes and certified architects, consultants and engineers to get the most out of your cloud strategy, whether you are on a journey to modernize and migrate, or your business needs help controlling costs and resource usage.

Unique to Tectrade, we’ve developed a richness of expertise in-house to strengthen our service coverage of the cloud. This means our technicians become an extension of your team and you will benefit from our 40+ years of experience in shaping enterprise technologies.

Our support includes key service elements, illustrated here →

The decision to move to Microsoft Azure saw the Society increase our application performance, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Jonathan Harwood, Head of IT – Darlington Building Society Read more

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Enhanced Cloud Security.

When consulting on, or designing cloud environments, our specialists can advise on cutting-edge security controls to boost your layers of operational resilience. Whether human error, ransomware, or worse, our cloud technicians can strengthen your cloud environment to resist today’s aggressive threat landscape.

As part of the Tectrade difference, we not only ensure our technicians are certified to the highest possible standards, but we build environments with a ‘security by default’ approach. This means your business benefits from a powerhouse cloud platform that’s secure and fully compliant.

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Top US Cloud challenges

Challenges with Cloud Technologies

Finding the right fit cloud solution is no small feat. We understand that every service needs to address the headaches of managing cloud platforms and resources.

The top three challenges we often see include:

  1. Rising cloud security risks and limited operational resilience
  2. Cloud repatriation, where businesses reverse on their investments
  3. Out of control billing, where costs become difficult to manage

Why Your Competitors Are Using Cloud

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Cloud technologies are causing most new disruptions, according to Gartner.

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of enterprise infrastructure is cloud-based, many experts have estimated.


The number of cloud-based services estimated to be consumed by everyday customers.

Benefits of Working with a Cloud Managed Services Provider.

Innovation is at the heart of meaningful business change. But it’s not just about your business culture – it’s about what your IT can do.

Having a CSP like Tectrade with our technical excellence in hyperscale public cloud services means that your business can scale, innovate and modernize when it matters most, bringing the kind of competitive change you want to see.



Cutting-edge Cloud Tech Support.

If you’re unsure about how you can get better outcomes from journeying to the cloud, our experts can help.

Speak with us today to find out how we can support your cloud project, including:

  • Hassle-free, no-obligation advice.
  • Modernization guidance.
  • Security workshops from industry experts.
  • Accurate cost forecasting.
  • & more.

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