Data storage protection, simplified.

With the anxiety of cyber threats, there is no single technology that can cope with all the demands of data protection. Secure, store and relax in the knowledge that Tectrade is solving your everyday data challenges, freeing you to focus on business growth.

Working closely with IBM data storage solutions, recognised fifteen times consecutively in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage, our specialists are market leaders in making storage feel just right for any business. We prioritize data resilient, cutting-edge technologies whether you’re after a hardware upgrade, data compliance support or even container-native storage solutions.

Reduce data complexity overnight.

Every business has data in its DNA – whether that’s generated in substantial volumes by employees, their devices, vehicles, business transactions and many more. The challenge with modern data storage protection isn’t in creating new data.

How will your business react to ongoing security and compliance obligations? Can storage even meet cost-efficiencies? Many IT teams will be faced with making tough decisions about their data storage and protection solution.

Rely on Tectrade’s market-leading storage capabilities to reduce the headache with data security.

Tectrade's data protection storage helps clients sleep at night.

Included in our data storage & protection solutions.

Rapidly reduce data protection complexity, improve cost-efficiencies, and navigate today’s most pressing threats. Tectrade’s data storage and protection solutions are closely aligned with the needs and requirements of modern businesses, whether you operate in California, Texas, or any other State.



As a leading IBM Platinum Business Partner, Tectrade has decades of experience working with IBM data storage systems, from complex cloud storage to tape drives, plus backup and managed services.

This means our specialists can deploy the market’s leading storage solutions to suit your environment – including the most powerful, business-critical and complex workloads.

Leading with IBM data storage systems. 

Accredited and compliant, Tectrade’s storage experts help clients design storage and data protection strategies, optimize current platforms and take advantage of the cloud.

  • Helix Protect managed services for backup and recovery
  • All-flash storage solutions
  • Physical tape and virtual tape library (VTL) systems
  • Air-gapped and immutable storage
  • Cloud storage

Why Choose Tectrade

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Tectrade’s experts have over 900 years of combined experience supporting and managing IBM Storage.

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Estimated global datasphere by 2025, according to IDC.


Tectrade’s history of innovation has earned us credibility as a reliable, trusted partner of choice around the world.

Flash Storage with Built-in Cyber Resilience.

Achieve high performance at an affordable cost with Tectrade.

Through our platinum partnership with IBM, our highly-skilled team of Storage and Data Protection experts design and implement leading-edge solutions that support your data growth and ever-changing business needs.

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Tectrade’s IBM storage platform

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Storage for IBM Power Systems.

The best of worlds means having cutting-edge technologies like IBM Power working in perfect harmony with a unified, secure storage solution. Whether you’re operating the current generation of Power 10, or a previous versions (from POWER5 through POWER9), we can support you.

Unifying your data storage solution with IBM Power has its unique advantages. IBMs unique FlashCore Module systems provide not only increased storage performance, but also simplified capability for backup and important cyber resiliency features.

Tectrade’s expertise in migrating storage to IBM FlashSystem V9000 was invaluable. We have taken a huge step forward in storage capacity, I/O performance and resourcing strategic projects.

Ian Ward, Senior Infrastructure Manager, Domestic and General Read more

A destination for container-native storage.

Increasingly more US businesses are exploring containers to entrust with their most critical workloads. An even larger number are estimated to have container applications queued for production that are waiting on production environments sufficient for the criticality of the workloads.

But there is a common challenge in hardening a container environment for production, which is a very heavy lift.

In conjunction with our key technology partners, Tectrade is leading a step-change in data storage starting with IBM Storage Fusion.

Introducing IBM Storage Fusion. 

Leading the US market’s storage capabilities, IBM Storage Fusion is a Red Hat OpenShift based solution that includes all of the elements necessary for a production-ready environment that could be in place within 30 days.

IBM Storage Fusion is available in Software Defined, Hyper Converged, and IBM Power Platform options that best deliver the promises of flexibility and portability.

Additionally, all the other elements, such as backup and recovery, high availability, security, orchestration, and much more, operate the same in every location you are running production workloads, plus it can all be managed from a single console.

View our Fusion datasheet

Meet our IBM Storage experts

What are my storage options?

Modern businesses require different storage options to handle security, cost-efficencies, and more. Unify disparate data channels, ease access to, and secure, all types of data, and make faster, more relaible decisions with insights – our IBM data storage system solutions can be tailored to your workloads.

…from Tape to Cloud

Data storage and recovery strategies must consider cost, length of backup cycles, speed of recovery, retention periods, data center footprint and sustainability.

From physical tape – as relevant today as ever – to the cloud, organizations have more options to consider than ever. When technologies are correctly selected, implemented and managed, this is a great advantage, but deploying the wrong solutions and services can be costly – and expose data to risk.

… Outcomes-based data protection

Rather than a technology-first approach, effective data protection starts with the desired outcomes – and different systems have different outcomes.

For each category of data, what recovery points make sense? What performance is needed? What compliance regulations must be met?

Once the outcomes are defined, technology can be selected, and as importantly, operational services can be designed. Selecting the right solution and the administrative effort required to achieve the outcomes can challenge already-stretched IT teams.

Tectrade are experts in IBM Storage Support

Helix Protect Managed Service

Tectrade’s Helix Protect is a versatile managed service that takes advantage of best-of-breed technologies and can be easily scaled to suit specific data protection outcomes. Tectrade works with organizations to identify critical systems for fast recovery, design full data protection schedules and deliver reporting, monitoring and analytics across their data estate. Helix Protect includes regular disaster recovery testing.

All-Flash IBM Storage

For enterprise-class data protection, Tectrade implements IBM FlashSystem storage technology, including IBM Spectrum Virtualize software-defined storage. This data management software delivers “six nines” (99.9999%) data availability with no single point of failure, enterprise-proven control software, and non-disruptive maintenance.

IBM Storage Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

VTL systems deliver the improved performance of disk storage without having to change existing tape backup regimes. Tectrade’s innovative software-based VTL solution runs in a Linux LPAR on an IBM Power System together with FlashSystem storage to create a cost-effective, high-performance and flexible alternative to tape. The VTL only uses resources when backups are running – utilising Power Enterprise Pools to share processor and memory capacity means that at all other times, the VTL resources are available for other functions.

Tectrade provide IBM Storage Expertise

IBM data storage OPTIONS

Tape-Based IBM Storage

One of the oldest data storage media offers an inexpensive data protection solution that is virtually impervious to cyber-attacks. Tapes can simply be removed from the network creating a physical “air gap” between the data and potential hackers. New IBM LTO9 technology offers up to a 50% increase in storage density and 11% better transfer rates from the previous tape generation.

Safeguarded Copy With IBM Storage

Safeguarded Copy creates isolated, immutable FlashCopy snapshots of data that cannot be compromised, deliberately or by accident. When data is required from the backup volume a new copy is created keeping the immutable volume secure. By using FlashSystem storage to retain the immutable copies, very short recovery times of critical data can be achieved.

IBM Cloud Storage

IBM Cloud storage services offer scalable, secure, and cost-effective data storage that supports legacy and cloud-native workloads. The IBM Cloud can provide object, block and file storage that can be optimised as requirements change. Enhanced governance policies can be enforced across all cloud storage environments.

IBM Cloud for VM Replication

Most IBM Power Systems implementations include adjacent services running on industry-standard servers. Tectrade’s Helix Cyber Resiliency Service creates native format copies of a VM in the IBM Cloud. VM replicas are fully-functional, so when a disaster strikes, restoring service is simply a matter of switching to the VM replicas. Recovery Time Objectives can be as low as a few minutes.

IBM made easy.

We’re here to Help.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading away from legacy tech, unsure about change, or want to understand how an investment in IBM Storage can benefit your business, we can help. Speak with one of our experts today to find out how to unlock more from IBM Storage across your organization.

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