All the Benefits of IBM. Only Easier.

Excellent service coverage and deep expertise across IBM technologies and platforms, including IBM Power, means that our specialists make things feel easy.

Working with Tectrade’s IBM specialists unlocks market-leading support for platforms no matter where they are, including:

  • On-premises
  • Hosted in a data center
  • Tectrade PowerCloud
  • Public Cloud

We are outcome-driven, supporting businesses under pressure to modernize and transform against a backdrop of complex regulations and other threats. Whether optimizing for workload efficiency, or application performance, we ensure that platforms of choice across the US, like IBM Power, are being deployed effectively to enhance application performance.

IBM made easy.

Power Up High-Performance Workloads with Tectrade.

Recognized globally for our IBM insights and expertise, Tectrade’s PowerCloud is the optimal platform for industries with complex workloads. Leveraging our powerful IBM connections and knowledge, the PowerCloud is a private cloud for Power Systems that run IBM i, AIX, or Linux.

Discover how your business can leverage the power of our private cloud platform, Tectrade’s PowerCloud

Why Migrate Workloads to the Tectrade PowerCloud?

Designed to take full advantage of IBM Power Systems in the cloud, running your complex workloads on our PowerCloud means that your business will benefit from:

  • the best of compute power
  • reliability
  • bullet-proof security
  • flexible pay-as-you-go (PAYG) cost model

And when applications can no longer perform on the latest software, our renowned PowerCloud will support legacy IBM hardware and software to ensure critical systems run around the clock.

IBM Managed Services, Explained

Expand Your Capabilities with our IBM Managed Service.

Backed by exacting accreditations, and operating as an IBM Platinum Business Partner, our range of IBM Power services have been designed to support organizations with demanding workloads to remain agile, streamlined, sustainable and operate at peak performance.

Tectrade’s in-house capability has the depth and expertise to ensure our clients get the best from IBM Power. In fact, it’s something of our speciality – we’ve spent decades  delivering managed services for the following areas:

  • Data Center elements
  • Physical Host and Control Devices (e.g. HMC, VIOS, SAN switches and arrays)
  • Logical Partitions (LPARs)
  • High Availability / Disaster Recovery environments
  • Service Performance Management / Service Desk

These services can be packaged and combined, depending on your business demands, offering you the ultimate outcome for reliability and protection in the cloud.

IBM Beacon Award

Expand Your IBM-Certified Expertise

IBM for Enterprises.

Frictionless modernization with leading technologies. 

We provide monitoring and management of the IBM Power environment. Tectrade will monitor your IBM Power environment and manage all event alerts, determining the right course of action to ensure your business-critical applications remain available.

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IBM for Corporations. 

Fewer headaches, greater innovation. 

We provide monitoring of the IBM i environment only. Tectrade will notify you of all monitored events so you can determine the next resolution steps for your business.
We can also add optional services including licence reviews and system security assessments.

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Benefits of our IBM Power Services.

Innovation is at the heart of meaningful business change. But it’s not just about your business culture. It’s about what your IT can do.

Having a managed service provider like Tectrade with our technical excellence in IBM Power Systems means that your business can scale, innovate and modernise when it matters, bringing the kind of competitive change you want to see.

Here’s what our specialists can do for you:

  • Eliminate ongoing on-premises hardware and software costs
  • Increase performance for critical workloads
  • Optimized resource usage reduces energy requirements
  • Latest generation technology reduces data center footprint
  • Infrastructure flexibility and  scalability without Capex investment
  • AI-powered cyber defences for critical front-line protection

Why Choose Tectrade For IBM Managed Services

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Top-ranked in ITIC Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey for 13 years in a row.

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Tectrade’s experts have over 900 years of combined experience supporting and managing IBM Power Systems.

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of users believe that IBM Power servers provide better ROI than other platforms, according to HelpSystems Survey.

Your One-Click, Easy Button for IBM Expertise.

The best technologies, insights, and more at your fingertips – we’ll align any business with cutting-edge IBM capabilities.


IBM Power 10 is the most recent upgrade from the household company.

IBM Power10 is the answer you should give whenever your stakeholder asks: “so, what’s next?”

Whether you’re new to IBM Power Systems, or an upgrade is on your wish list, Tectrade can deploy the latest to keep IT at peak performance, including security, compute and sustainability.

Facing modernized pressures, businesses need a practical answer to carbon reduction, regulation, threat varieties, and more.

Explore IBM Hardware Products

IBM Upgrades

Sustainability with IBM hardware.

Tectrade helps enterprises go beyond their legacy and achieve more than ever in the cloud, by deploying IBM Power workloads in the Tectrade PowerCloud.

Our market-leading specialists, working closely to understand your business, can help to reimagine new and exciting possibilities for your IT estate. Innovation doesn’t have to feel so risky. Our technicians will deliver modernized services that become the bedrock of future scalability and security, enabling your business to grow and flourish with demand.

“Future scalability and security are key to the conversations many are having. These characteristics are the bedrock of a modern, competitive business.” 



Your IBM Power10 Upgrade is Waiting.


An upgrade in IBM Power10 unlocks even more for your business, including renowned reliability, superfast performance and security boosts.

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Reasons Your Competitors Are Using Power10:

  • Highest per-core performance
  • Faster AI
  • Cut licence costs
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lower energy requirement
  • Higher container density

Our IBM Power service coverage includes:

  • IBM i (AS/400), AIX, Linux
  • System and SAN monitoring
  • 24/7 service desk
  • Backup and restore
  • IBM storage management
  • OS patching
  • Disaster recovery
  • High availability

One of the most comprehensive IBM toolkits globally, all under one roof. 

Why let change disrupt your business, when you can embrace it for the better? Modernization, growth and transformation – businesses endured a lot in 2021. So, what comes next? That’s what we want to talk about.

“Cloud modernization lag means businesses pay twice to move once. With Tectrade’s managed service, you pay once and stay secure.”


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Respond even faster to business demands with IBM Power hardware.

A unique partnership with IBM allows us to offer businesses best-in-breed hardware, including IBM Power10. The next generation in business agility, security and reliability capabilities, Power10 is being leveraged to modernize applications and automate operations all within a secure, hybrid infrastructure.

Scan the code for more or, alternatively, visit our IBM Power Systems Platform more details. 

Tectrade continues to be a model partner for IBM, capturing not only innovation but technical excellence for industries with highly regulated workloads.

Belinda St Clare Inwood, Senior Technology Partner Specialist, IBM EcoSystem

We’re Here to Help

Whether you are thinking of upgrading away from legacy tech, unsure about change, or want to understand how an investment in IBM Power can benefit your business, we can help. Speak with one of our experts today to find out how to unlock more from IBM Power across your organization.