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AI-Powered cyber security protection

Synlab operates in a high-stakes round the clock environment where very little margin for error exists.

Breaches that affect availability of compute go beyond reputational rick to having life and death consequences for patients across the NHS.

With some tests preformed while patients are mid-operation, continuity of availability is a critical requirement.

Consequently, the goal was to reduce threat of cyber-related outages to near zero.


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While one in three NHS trusts were impacted by the WannaCry attack Synlab was unaffected

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Average costs of attack that Synlab avoided with AI-powered cyber solution

0.00 %

Availability of Synlab’s critical compute resources throughout WannaCry and Petya cyber-attacks



In 2010, an independent review of NHS pathology recommended to lower costs by developing a new model where high-volume, routine pathology work could be outsourced to other locations for analysis.

As a result, Synlab’s network of labs grew to span the UK. However, this growth increased the risk of cyber attacks.

While infrastructure across its sites vary, transmitting sensitive patient data to clinicians needs to be reliable, immediate and above all secure.

Synlab needed a cyber protection solution that was effective against zero-day threats and easily scalable as the business expanded.


Building on an established enterprise partnership for five years, Tectrade identified the need to target the risk presented by zero-day threats.

Traditionally, threat prevention has been based on signatures – this only makes sense if all attacks have been seen before. However, today malware mutates rapidly making signature-based tools obsolete.

Tectrade’s Security Operations Center (SOC) deployed AI-driven threat protection to neutralize advanced threats and continuously protect the endpoints without disrupting users.

Now our SOC experts can react immediately to alerts and work with Synlab to resolve cyber security-related incidents.


The AI-powererd managed cyber service meant we have advanced warning about Wannacry two days before it was reported, meaning we were fully protected against the threat and follow-up Petya attack.

Charles Lilley, IT Director – Synlab Group


Tectrade already provided Synlab’s computing infrastructure and is demonstrating benefits in supporting new ways of working, increasing quality, and improving productivity.

The scalable AI-threat solution can expand as threat escalates or as Synlab’s network expands. For example, if the volume of pathology work increases, our SOC can simply add more resources.

Synlab has significantly reduced its exposure to morphing risk with real-time ability to identify tell-tale pattern before they become attacks.


About our client


Synlab Group is market leader in diagnostic services for human and veterinary medicine, performing over 450 million tests each year.

In the UK, it partners with the NHS to deliver high-quality, cost-effective pathology services.