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Our client’s market sector is extremely competitive and it must offer innovative solutions to beat cheaper but less sustainable alternatives.

The company has a range of diverse operating companies providing a broad range of services to over 120,000 customers in more than 300,000 locations.

With such a large, distributed customer base, it is essential to understand customer buying patterns.

The client’s business success is supported by critical systems including Infor’s M3 ERP system running on an IBM i system.

The performance and stability of this environment is a key factor in the company’s continued growth.

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UK’s total workforce is employed in this sector of the service industry


Customer site visits in last 12 months by our client


Tonnes of recycled waste, converting 90% into low-carbon energy



A strategic goal aims to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction while making it as easy as possible for customers to access their services, including the ability to track orders and access account information – and this depends on stable and reliable IT systems.

For several years, Tectrade provided 24/7 remote monitoring services for the client’s on-premises IBM POWER7 environment. As that system neared its end of life and in-house IBM i skills were lost, the existing platform was deemed to be a business risk.

An alternative IBM i environment was required to run the core Infor M3 workload – one that would offer more compute capacity and could run the most recent operating system.


Experience of monitoring the on-premises POWER7 system gave Tectrade an excellent understanding of the client’s required configuration.

A new Tectrade PowerCloud environment was designed to run an IBM i workload at the required level of performance and reliability.

Latest PTF patches were applied to ensure that the new platform was running the most recent stable version of the IBM i operating system.

Tectrade completed a full system save of the production system which was restored to the new cloud platform. Both systems were run concurrently to confirm high-speed VPN connectivity.

Tectrade provides maintenance, monitoring and system management services for new environment.


Infor is running in 15% of IBM i Systems – a strong indication of the platform’s stability.

HelpSystems IBM i Marketplace Survey 2020


The Tectrade PowerCloud solution allows the core Infor M3 ERP application to run on the latest IBM infrastructure without the cost of acquiring and operating new technology.

The upgraded IBM Power System provides an improved level of performance while Tectrade’s managed services ensures the stability and availability of the application.

Backups are carried out against an agreed schedule and sensitive data is encrypted.

Tectrade’s PowerCloud platform will support this client as long as it requires an IBM i environment.

The cloud platform will be upgraded to run at optimal and cost-effective levels of service.


About our client


Our client is a specialist in hygiene products for washrooms, and runs the biggest distribution network in the UK. They provide services to meet the needs of up to 100 million people across almost every sector, from restaurants to offices, to hospitals and schools.