Overcoming the major drawbacks in modernization initiatives.

Join us on 7th December at 1pm CST for a discussion on the major drawbacks in most modernization initiatives and how to overcome them.

We will discuss a variety of issues including:

  • Have you chosen the correct framework?
  • How can we deploy that framework quickly?
  • Does my chosen framework adequately cover all my use cases?
  • Will my framework adequately scale?
  • Is my framework reliable, predictable, and supportable by operations?

These are the major questions most companies are wrestling with today. There are answers, but they require thinking somewhat differently. When we do, however, we ease the transition to a cloud-based service model. After those steps are taken, an easy, reliable, and complete deployment for Production is necessary with skills necessary to run and manage day to day.

Tectrade, in conjunction with IBM, has a solution that is Simple, Fast to Deploy, and Complete for Hardened Production Environments.


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This webinar is being run in partnership with Innovative Data Solutions (IDS).

Venue Details


  • Date 7th Dec 2023
  • Time @ 1:00 - 2:00 PM CST


  • Online