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In today’s fast-paced, digital markets, even the most educated assumptions about security can disarm most IT environments, opening the doors of opportunity for a breach.

When everyone’s a target, tightening your security controls from the inside out is not optional. Proper risk management and mitigation can feel complicated when businesses first start to navigate the security market and leverage its tools and solutions to blunt threats. But that’s not the only reason that many professionals view tightened security postures as a tenet in modern business: changing compliance and regulatory demand, as well as fierce market competition, has reshaped attitudes towards, and conversations about, resiliency and risk.

For any number of businesses running IBM i workloads, security can be an afterthought. IBM i is securable – but costly assumptions about the integrity of an environment, no matter where you run critical workloads, can be risky. That’s not to mention that shortages in skillsets not easily found on the wider market can complicate how effectively businesses secure their environments.

With a substantial and growing presence, a reputable technology powerhouse responsible for the global supply and manufacture of memory and storage solutions approached Tectrade to better understand, and ultimately evaluate, its security posture.

Security Pains.

Whether a compliance framework tightens regulation, or an emergent threat like runaway AI creates anxiety within security circles, many global businesses share similar security pains.

For this technology manufacturer the challenges around security were similar to those Tectrade has seen in the past. With such a rapidly changing threat landscape, the client was not entirely aware of the prevalence of security risks that could impact their IT environment. Albeit common, many security challenges start where businesses lack not just the tools and controls, but the insight to manage and blunt threats in the first place.

Awareness about cyber security risks is powerful. In conversation with our specialists, this technology firm was able to identify how their environment needed assessing for vulnerabilities. This crucial step, using advanced evaluation and surveying, would close the gap between a secured IBM i environment and one that needed improvement.

Motivated by the urgency to create a modern security posture, our client wanted to understand the existing vulnerabilities within their IT environment.







This crucial step, using advanced evaluation and surveying, would close the gap between a secured IBM i environment and one that needed improvement.








Security pains.

Cost-effective, Specialist Security Insight.

In collaboration with a key technology partner, Fortra, Tectrade worked closely with the client to prioritize security insight and visibility that could underpin the resilience of their IT environment.

Using an in-depth, detailed, and bespoke risk assessor, which generated a more granular report of system vulnerabilities, our specialists consulted with the client to close off any identified areas of concern. Our security experts, supported by Fortra’s own specialists, worked directly with the client to understand the report’s findings, and consult on controls to tighten areas of vulnerability. The risk assessor, when delivered by Tectrade, offered the client trusted access to security insight, skills, and capabilities.

Where in-house security skills and resources are either scarce or limited, Tectrade’s vulnerability scan offers cost-effective visibility and actionable insight to righten areas of concern where breaches could occur. This bespoke, non-disruptive risk assessor offers the market more than just a scorecard, but it captures a step-change in supporting businesses that want to regain confidence in their security capability.

Independent, Certified Security Help

Supporting a technology manufacturer, Tectrade was approached for its security capability and skillset. Tectrade offered an independent, third-party certification of security controls to enable the client to create a foundation for a securable IBM i environment.

If your business wants to arm itself with crucial security visibility, or needs independent verification of its security posture, Tectrade’s specialists can help.